Transit Pet Peeve

In Uncategorized on March 27, 2012 at 2:31 pm

I love to take the bus. It’s easy, cheap, and not stressful… at least compared to driving. Also as a student it’s perfectly fine for my needs. I have no problem with the system or anything. I have a problem sometimes with the people who ride it.

When ever people are put into small, public spaces, it’s like they become deaf, blind, and dumb. It’s like as soon as they step into the bus their comprehensions level drops. I say this because when ever I’m on the bus, not the subway trains (people on there seems to actually understand this, they are aware and react accordingly) people tend to never move to the back of the bus, or just move in that general direction. Now this annoys me because people tend to stop in the front area and pile up and don’t move. Even people in the middle do the same thing. On those mornings or evenings when people are travelling to and from work and the bus gets like this. I tend to be the only one on that bus to notice. I usually when they ask people to move down, and in the worse case scenario, get people to stand in the upper level in the back.

Now it’s not always full and people just collect in the front. Take today as an example. I had to stand at the front of the bus because I had full sized piece of foam core, so I had to lean it against a flat surface and stand in front of it. I left more then enough room for people to go past me, but no. Just because I was standing there they seemed to just stop and not move back. Thus blocking others who are entering from the front and making it worse.

I know some people like to hang around the exits when it gets crowded so they can escape as easily as possible but seriously people, their are others riding with you! I know the rides are usually shorter but come on people!!!!

*breathes and calms down*

Please just be aware of others. Thank you.

~ DarciaSolas


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